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Friday, Friday

I can’t remember the last time I did a Friday post and man it feels good to be back. I’m linking up with ChristinaAmanda, & Karli to bring you my 5 things this week.
It was 74 degrees here on Wednesday and today we have all sorts of winter storm warnings as heavy ice is headed our way. I can’t say I’m all that sad about it since the schools are closed tomorrow, my work is closed, and I’m stocked up on groceries and wine for the next several days. 
While I may not have even up wine as part of my New Year Resolutions, I did vow to be more conscious about what I’m eating and that includes cutting out soda. I’ve never been a huge soda drinker but I do love me some Dr. Pepper and over the holidays I definitely drank way too much of it. I haven’t had any soda (or caffeine) in January, but I did stop and get a refresher from Starbucks the other morning and the little bit of caffeine in it was glorious.
I took both boys to the dentist on Tuesday morning. I thought I was being smart taking them at the same time but it sure made for a long morning. Ben was too cool to want a picture, but he did so great. The hygienist even remarked about how well he’s been brushing which is huge because it used to be such a struggle to get him to do it. Jack on the other hand pretty much hated the whole experience except for the prizes at the end. And a shout out to Ms. Carla who was amazing. 
I didn’t talk about our New Years Eve on the blog, but we had a fun and low key night. We went to a new restaurant in town with another couple and then met up with some others at a distillery for a drink. We played Headbands and made it until the ball dropped before heading home. 
I made this easy quiche recipe last night and while it takes a while to bake, it’s pretty simple to throw together. Who said you can’t have quiche for dinner?
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe if ice is coming your way.



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