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As usual I’m linking up with the fabulous ChristinaKarli, & Amanda for all things Friday so let’s get to it!

About a month ago I went to a local nursery and bought some mums for several pots that, if we’re being honest, the flowers had died a long time ago. What is it about the mum that just screams fall?
In yesterday’s post I showed this picture of me wearing a pair of Kendra Scott inspired earrings. I not only got one pair, but 2 others in a different color as well as a pair of hassle earrings which I’m still undecided on. I got them from AliExpress.com and they were something like $3 with free shipping. They do ship directly from China and can take up to a month to be delivered, but for a couple of bucks you can’t beat it. *Not sponsored, I just love this site*
When we bought this house our realtor assured us that nobody would probably buy the empty lot next to us since it was the smallest on the block and an awkward shape. Well this is happening. Hopefully it will go up fast and the trees we ordered from the Arbor foundation to create a natural barrier will come quickly!

Fall ball is officially over and I’m so proud of how much Ben improved throughout the season. This was the first season where they played by real baseball rules and despite one not so great game, he hit almost all the balls.

My best friend and her sweet little nuggets are coming in town for Homecoming this weekend and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see her, love on her kids, and participate in all the homecoming traditions. #miz-zou

Happy Friday!!


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