DIY {$3 Chalkboard Art}

I’ve wanted a small chalkboard that I could change for the seasons/holidays for forever now so when I  saw a $3 chalkboard in the Target dollar bin, I didn’t think twice about putting it in my cart. Once I brought it home it took less than 5 minutes for me to transform the basic board into a cute Halloween addition.
What You’ll Need:
-Target Dollar Spot Chalkboard ($3)
-Painter’s Tape
-Stain of your choice (if you don’t like the light/natural wood)
-Chalk/chalk pen
I already had the rest of the things for this project except the chalk pen which I needed a new one of.
1. Tape off the inside of the board to keep the stain off of it and stain away. I prefer the Miniwax brand and wish I would have gone with a little darker color of stain.
2. Once the stain is dry, remove the tape. My chalkboard had a weird mark on the bottom right corner but it really doesn’t bother me. $3 remember.
3. I free handed the letters and just looked up inspiration on Pinterest. If this makes you completely anxious, there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest on how to get perfect chalkboard letters. Once I wrote out the saying, I went back and traced over it to make the letters a little bolder.
And that’s it! I put my $3 chalkboard by my $3 pumpkins (also from Target) and I think I did pretty good minus the octopus/spider art. 
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