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    Spring Favorites Under $50

    Anyone else go through phases were you feel like there’s nothing you want to buy and then all of a sudden BAM! I’ll take one of everything that’s ever exsisted please. I’m really trying to go through our house, room by room, and get rid of everything we don’t use or need and that includes my closet. As hard as it can be to get rid of certain pieces, it’s nice to get rid of things I no longer like or haven’t worn in forever. Once that’s done I then treat myself and pick out a few new pieces that I absolutely love.

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    10 on Tuesday: Long Hair Edition

    I’m so excited to linking up for Karli’s first 10 on Tuesday so let’s get right to it. 10 Reasons I Hate Having Long Hair 1. Blowing drying it takes foorreevveeerrr. 2. I’m not one of those girls who has mastered the cute messy bun. 3. Or the top knot. 4. I always run out of conditioner first. 5. So much hair in the shower, in my brush, and I’m sure clogging our drains. 6. No matter how long it gets, it’s never long enough to do a side fishtail braid. How do you girls do it? 7. Highlighting & coloring takes 3x as long and costs 2x as much. 8. Static.…

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    Not Another Hunter Repeat

    So last year I told my husband that I wanted a pair of Hunter rain boots for Christmas. I told him this in October and November and then come December I was starting to get nervous. Long story short, by the time he tried to order the boots Nordstrom was sold out, Zappos, Hunter.com you name it. He ended up buying them off Amazon from a place in the UK but they delivered the wrong size and I ultimately had to send them back which was an ordeal in itself since they were from another country. After Christmas, some stores had them back in stock and I ended up getting…

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    Halloween PJ Link-Up

    It’s time for my one of my favorite linkups of the year. Can’t wait to see everyones sweet kids in their cute and festive pjs. The normal pics… And the silly ones… (yes, Jack’s big toenails are painted orange. he wanted his nails painted too when I did his cousins a couple weeks ago and refuses to let me take it off #yolo) //Jack’s pjs Carters similar here// //Ben’s pjs Crazy 8 no longer available // Linking up with Natasha, Ashley P, Fancy Ashley, & Darcy.

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    Buy this Bootie {Look-A-Like TOMS Wedges}

    You guys. I have been obsessed with these Tom’s wedges for several months now. At $88, they’re not that expensive, but for something pretty trendy I didn’t want to spend quite that much.  Imagine my excitement when I saw my friend Alissa in an almost identical pair and she told me they were from… KMART!! Can you believe it? KMart has really stepped up their game.  I promptly ordered the nude pair before Christmas and they happened to be on sale so with tax and shipping it came to $18. Here’s a picture of my actual pair. Not only are these booties cute, but they are SO comfortable! I’m going to be ordering the black…