Weekend Recap

Bad Blogger

My name is Cortney and I’m a bad blogger.
Yesterday and today I traveled out of town for work and the minute I got home all I wanted to do was relax. Since it’s been over a week since I posted any real content let me think back to what I’ve failed to share.
Last weekend was the University of Missouri’s homecoming and the town was PACKED with fans. Friday night my friends Sarah and Rachel were in town and we decided to brave the crowds and go out to dinner with Sarah’s sister Ali and my friend Mallory. Even though the wait was an hour and a half and we were all starving, it doesn’t seem as long when you’re waiting with good friends and good drinks. We had such a great time and it was nice to catch up with everyone. Of course I failed to pictures.

ESPN’s College Gameday was filmed on MU’s campus for the first time and Mizzou fans broke the record for the number of people at Gameday. Mizzou ended up beating Oklahoma 36-27 and needless to say everyone was a little excited.
I think this picture is a perfect display for why we stayed at home on game day. Way too many.
Sunday morning Ben and I went to breakfast with my parents at a local diner in town. The diner has been there forever and I’ve always wanted to go. I’m glad we did because the food was great and super cheap!
How come weekends always seem to go so fast? Do you think if all weekends were 3 day weekends Tuesday would become the new Monday and we would grow to hate it just as much? 

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  • Megan

    Did you go to Ernie's? I've never been there either. I'm a bad bad Columbian. I need to make a list of places to go to become a real Columbian. Ernies, Booches, where else?

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