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A New Year: 2015 Goals

The beginning of a new year is like a thousand Mondays rolled into one. It’s the beginning of all things new. New goals, new habits, new chances. 2014 was pretty dang good to us, but also filled with life’s typical struggles and worries.
2015 is going to be a big year. I turn the big 3-0, we’re moving into our new home, and several of our friends are getting married which means lots of weddings to attend. 
Last year I posted my resolutions for 2014 and I kept them big and broad, but this year I’m going in a different direction. I tend to do better with checklists and specifics and that’s exactly what I’m doing for 2015. Since this year also marks the beginning of my thirties, I’m going to note which things I hope to accomplish before my birthday on October 1st. Some of these goals are big changes and others are more “bucket list” type items.

2015 Goals & Resolutions  (* = complete before my 30th birthday)

//Try 52 new recipes//
//Attend a concert/show*//
//Support and help our parents as much as they do for us//
//Reply to texts/call people back sooner//
//Read 12 books//
//Go on an overnight trip with J//
//Make homemade sushi*//
//Take a mother/son trip with Ben. Just the 2 of us on an adventure*//
//Grow the blog/attend a blogging conference//
//Read to Ben 5 nights a week before bed//
//Continue paying down our debt// 
//Make homemade noodles*//
//Do 12 acts of kindness for strangers//
//Have family game night once a week//
//Go an entire month without repeating a single outfit*//
//Do something thoughtful and completely unexpected for J*//
//Workout 4x/week//
//Pray more, ask for less//
//Get all the paperwork for taxes together before April*//
//Make 30 look like 20*//
//Move and settled into our new home*//
//Work on being more patient and encouraging//
//Cut out soda completely//
//Leave little notes of encouragement for J throughout the house*//
//Meal plan every week//
//Complete 12 DIY projects I’ve had pinned and never made time for//
//Buy less quantity and more quality//
//Complete the Bible in a Year study//
//Give back and teach the importance of giving to our children//
//Set up give, save, spend jars with Ben*//
//Go to Octoberfest//
//Play more with the kids and multitask less//
//Cut our grocery bill by $50 a month//
//Back up photos on hard drive and discs*//
//Finish our family documents binder*//
//Try 3 new restaurants*//
//Take a weekend trip with my mom and sister//
//Sell, purge, or donate anything we don’t need or use//
Did you make resolutions this year? How do you hold yourself accountable?


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