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    14 Unique Store-Bought Valentines Cards for Kids

    Ain’t no shame in the store bought Valentines game. There are so many cute, affordable, and unique options if DIYing isn’t your thing or you’d rather outsource the task to Target. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites and many are available for store pickup or 2-day shipping.

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    Valentine’s Day Weekend 2018

    Happy Tuesday which feels like a Monday since I had yesterday off for President’s Day. Before I recap our long weekend, let’s back up to Valentine’s day. We don’t go super crazy with the boys’ Valentines, just a little candy and a small toy. J got me two dozen roses from our local grocery store. They looked waaay better than the more expensive ones he bought last year from a big name florist.

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    Weekend Recap {Valentine’s Day + President’s Day}

    Man it’s tough having to get back into our regular schedule after having a long weekend especially since our Valentine’s Day weekend was pretty darn perfect minus a few times I needed a slight time out from the kids. The kids both had parties at school and it doesn’t get much cuter than seeing little kids open all their valentines from friends. I was pretty proud of our homemade valentines this year, but let me tell you, some parents went all out. You can definitely tell it’s the age of Pinterest. Saturday night J and I watched No Escape before going out for a late (9:30pm) dinner at our favorite…

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    Valentine’s Day Weekend Recap

    Our weekend is just now coming to an end thanks to President’s Day. Although I’m sad to see the weekend go, I’m glad tomorrow’s already Tuesday which means a short week at work. We had a super low key Valentine’s day starting with lunch at the hibachi grill. Jack kept pushing his plate towards the grill for more food and I’m pretty sure the chef wondered if I ever feed my child.  J and I don’t do big gifts for Valentine’s Day but he did give me 2 dozen roses and white chocolate covered strawberries.  I made him this “man bouquet” although most girls I know would also like booze…