Valentine’s Day Weekend Recap

Our weekend is just now coming to an end thanks to President’s Day. Although I’m sad to see the weekend go, I’m glad tomorrow’s already Tuesday which means a short week at work.
We had a super low key Valentine’s day starting with lunch at the hibachi grill. Jack kept pushing his plate towards the grill for more food and I’m pretty sure the chef wondered if I ever feed my child. 
J and I don’t do big gifts for Valentine’s Day but he did give me 2 dozen roses and white chocolate covered strawberries.
 I made him this “man bouquet” although most girls I know would also like booze and candy 🙂

We debated going out for dinner on Saturday night but decided to stay home instead. I did a DIY project and J helped me with some of it. The couple that crafts together stays together. J brought  Steak n Shake home for dinner and we ate burgers while watching Bridesmaids.
Tutorial to come

Our first big snow rolled in on Sunday night so we turned on the fireplace and watched the SNL 40th reunion along with the rest of the country. Overall I thought it was pretty funny, but 3 1/2 hours was a little long. 

Monday morning I tried out this recipe but I’m going to have to make it again because mine was a total fail. Like I couldn’t even eat one bite. Someone else please make these and tell me what to do differently.
On Monday afternoon we bundled up and went outside to play in the 5 inches of snow. Jack was over it after 5 minutes so I went inside with him while J and Ben built a ramp for the sled. J got the best video of Ben going off the ramp which I’ll post when he uploads it. 
Did any of you get snow? Most of the midwest got some but I know other areas of the country had 60+ degree weather. Now that we’ve had a decent sized snow I’m so ready for Spring!
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