20 Questions {& Answers}

Sunday night/Monday morning I came down with a pretty nasty 24 hour stomach bug which I’m really hoping wasn’t food poisoning from my favorite sushi place because that would make me very very sad. Either way, it will be a long time before I eat any kind of sushi roll again.

Thank goodness this 20 questions post has been floating around because it makes for a perfect little post as I recover. 

1. Favorite Food?
This is a hard one…but I’d have to say pizza.

2. Flip Flops or High Heels?
Although I love the look of a good high heel, I definitely wear flats most of the time. When I have to wear a high heel I’m usually regretting it about an hour in.

3. Favorite Places to Shop?
Target, GAP, ETSY, Amazon

4. Standard Coffee Order?
I’m going to say something which is like the biggest blogger faux paus…I don’t really like coffee. Ahhh I know. While everyone is enjoying their pumpkin spice latte I would much rather prefer a caramel apple spice.

5. Road Trip Must Have Snack?
Mini Ritz Cheese Crackers and Fountain Dr. Pepper

6. DIY or Hire It Out?
For things like decorations, little house projects, etc we usually DIY. My husband is great at the bigger DIY projects (reinstalling lighting in our kitchen) but those make me a little more nervous and I prefer to hire it out.

7. Top 5 TV Shows?
Most of the Real Housewives, Flea Market Flip (HGTV), Fixer Upper, Homeland, Scandal

8. Favorite Book?
Firefly Lane

9. Favorite Form of Exercise?
Running/Walking Outside, TreadClimber in the gym 

10. How Tall Are You?

11. Do You Try Something New At Restaurants or Stick with a Favorite?
I’m open to trying something new unless it’s a go to restaurant with a really amazing dish

12. One Makeup Item You Can’t Live Without?

13. What’s On Your Nightstand?
Nada. We have yet to find nightstands we like in the new house. Or a headboard for that matter.

14. One Thing Motherhood Has Taught You?
The importance of patience

15. Music That Reminds You of Highschool?
Hot in Herre

16. If You Could Live Anywhere Other Than Your Current City, Where Would It Be?
Probably somewhere in Colorado or anywhere that didn’t get over 100 degrees in the Summer

17. What’s Something About You We Might Not Know?
If I get really overwhelmed by a task or lots of things that need to be done I shut down and don’t do anything

18. Website You Read/Browse-Besides Blogs?
CNN, US Magazine, Buzz Feed, Facebook

19. Morning Person or Night Owl?
Morning Person, but not before 6:00am

20. What’s Your Best Feature?My Eyes

Your turn. Copy these 20 questions and get to answering!

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  • The Classy Chaos

    No worries, Lady! I despise the taste of coffee. I do like the smell of it, however. Strange, I know. I'm with you on GAP and Amazon. I'd say we receive a package from one of the other on an almost weekly basis! I sure hope you're feeling 100% soon and I just may take on the 20 question challenge. 🙂

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