Sick & A St. Patty’s Link Up

Jack and I have been under the weather for the past week now. Last Friday I took him to the Dr. to rule out croup after he was up every hour Thursday night coughing and sounding like a barking dog when he cried. 
Thankfully it’s just an upper respiratory virus and he’s on the mend, but I’m still hacking away. I know I’m annoying everyone around me by coughing and at this point I’m even annoying myself. I started a Z-Pack on Monday so I’m hoping what I have is some sort of bacterial thing and will go away. I’m tired of having to take my nightly shot of NyQuil. Really. We lost the measuring cup so I take it out of a shot glass. Cheers to the Quil!
The worst part of this cold is that I missed out on seeing my best friend and her sweet little nuggets this weekend.
And even though I’m late on getting this posted, I’m participating in a little St. Patty’s recipe link-up with Natasha. I found this SUPER easy recipe on Pinterest and plan to make these this weekend along with my blog partners recipe.

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