Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

I really could have used one extra day between Sunday and Monday. I got more done around the house this weekend than I have in the past 6 months since we’ve moved in. No joke. The weather on Friday and Saturday was cold and dreary which meant I got to breakout my rain boots for the first time since Summer.

Saturday was perfect for watching Halloween movies (thank you ABC Family) and not getting out of our pjs. I finally tackled the disaster that was my 6 year old’s bedroom and organized and cleaned every single thing in his room. I also made sure to tell/show Ben where each thing went so he could put things away.

Sunday was beautiful outside and although we had plans to go to the pumpkin patch none of us were really feeling it so Hocus Pocus and cleaning/purging/organizing the playroom it was. Man it felt good to get.stuff.done. Once I get artwork and finishing touches just right I’ll post reveal pics like this one.

Not to be totally lame, we did carve pumpkins Friday night and ate a very festive Halloween pizza from Papa Murphy’s.

I love Ben’s face as he’s trying to cut out the eyes with the teeny tiny knife that comes in those pumpkin carving kits.
I also captured the greatest photos of Jack touching the pumpkin goop. Although he preferred to paint his pumpkin, he had no problem flinging the seeds across the room.
One last thing before I go…I’m in serious need of a therapy session after last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. Did any of you watch it? If so, email me so we can chat about it. Seriously. 

Here’s to great Monday!

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