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Weekend Recap {St. Patrick’s Day}

To my own shock I actually wasn’t dreading Monday. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s 80 degrees outside, and it’s the first day of Spring, and Spring Break is next week. Noticing a theme? Bring on all the Spring things!
But before I get too excited about Spring, I’m linking up with Biana to recap our weekend. There’s something so fun about celebrating St. Patrick’s day with little kids. We have a tradition where the boys build a leprechaun trap with their dad and despite their best efforts, each year the leprechaun manages to escape. 
When your dad has an engineering degree, you can’t have a simple trap. Don’t you just love Jack’s simplicity of hanging a plastic bag to catch him 🙂
While the boys made traps, I made mini rainbow cupcakes. And then cursed myself for making them mini.
While we were asleep the leprechaun not only avoided the traps but made quite a mess. He also peed in our toilet, turned our milk and breakfast green, and left a trail of gold coins as he escaped out the window. 
Friday night consisted of a beautiful sunset and delicious take out from our favorite Asian restaurant.
J had a huge work event on Saturday so I took the boys to see Beauty and the Beast. Our theater has these new D-Box seats that vibrate and move along with the movie which was a really cool feature. And despite the crowds and lines being out the door, the movie was fantastic.
Saturday night we ate dinner with my parents and sister and then Sunday was an exciting day with filled with cleaning, laundry, and playing with every single toy we own. The kids not me. Although Ben and I did try out his new magic kit and we aren’t half bad. I also got the final print hung in our main level guest bath.
Free Printable//Burlap and Blue
Let’s tackle this week!


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