Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? We spent the weekend out of town celebrating both of my nieces’ birthdays. How cute are they!?

We packed up the car and made the drive to St. Louis but not before Jack made sure to grab his new friends.
Our hotel wasn’t quite ready when we got in town so we headed over to the mall where there happened to be a Nintendo tour going on. They had DS stations set up for kids to play and a Mario Cart competition for the older kids.
The best $8 ever spent.
The hotel called shortly after we got to the mall to let us know our rooms were ready so we checked in, got our suits on, and then went to the pool.

Jack just loves his uncle Chris. He rarely goes to other people let alone males so the fact that he not only went to him, but while he was in the water is huge. If you look closely though you’ll notice his lovey (blanket) had to come with him as well. And his na na (binky). We’re really trying to limit his pacifier to just naps and night time but man it’s hard. It’s just so darn cute when he says, na-na, na-na in his sweet little voice.

Relaxing after his bath. The life of a baby.
I’ll be showing you the outtakes from this picture later. They’re epic.
I’m really trying to reign in my spending this month which meant resisting the urge to by a new outfit for the weekend. I did wear these new scalloped shorts that I purchased a few months ago for Chicago, but didn’t end up wearing them. I’m also wearing the same stripped sweater jacket I wore last week, just paired with different bottoms. Oh and those wedges, new and $1 from Goodwill.
We stayed at the new Drury Inn Plaza right next to the Chesterfield Mall and the view from our room was amazing. I was a little worried about how Jack would do sleeping in a hotel, but he slept all night long! 
After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and headed to a waterpark for some sun, swimming, and slides.
Ben and his cousins had a blast going down all the slides. Jack went down one slide with me, but he mostly laid on me while we floated in the lazy river and cried at the waves in the wave pool. 
Happy birthday to my sweet nieces. We had so much fun celebrating with you!
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