Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty perfect despite cold, rainy weather which caused Ben’s baseball game on Friday night to be cut short when it started down pouring halfway through the game. Anywho, rewinding to earlier in the day, since I had the day off,  Jack and I took Ben lunch to school and got to eat with him in the commons. Jack was so excited to eat at the big school and Ben was so excited to show off his brother.

Saturday was the usual grocery shopping and cleaning house. I prepped all the fruit for this week and I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. Oh yes I do, I’m lazy. We are so much more likely to eat it and way less gets wasted when all we have to do is grab and eat. Anyone have a tip for keeping strawberries moist once they’re cut? I noticed after the first 2 days ours became dry.
Continuing on my organizational binder, all these items got the cut and ended up at the Goodwill.
Saturday afternoon my MIL offered to watch the boys so I grabbed a margarita with my friend Alissa which I failed to document and later that night J and I saw Money Monster. Not the greatest but certainly not the worst. Despite having both Clooney and Roberts, Jack O’Connell gives one of the best performances.

 Sunday we picked up the boys and ate dinner with J’s family but not before I watched the documentary Hope For Steve. You’ll for sure have a good cry while contemplating if you’re really living life like you should be.

And from the importance of life to trivial things… I don’t think I showed a picture of these yet, but I picked them up at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago.  It’s my first pair of aviators and at only $12 I won’t be too devastated when I inevitably break/lose them.

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