Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend is in the books. I’m on a mission to make this Summer full of fun and memories and that’s just what we’re doing.

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to a farm to pick strawberries and blueberries. Ben was on the hunt for the perfect strawberries and all Jack really cared about was eating them. I’ll do a full post later this week because fresh fruit makes for the most perfect pictures.

After berry picking we dined al fresco at our favorite brewery.
After we all slept in until almost 8:30 (what!) we hit up the farmers market and then Target for our weekly grocery run. 
Saturday afternoon we went to J’s aunt’s house for a birthday party where Jack tried out the diving board for the first time and Ben worked on his diving skills. 
The sign of a good party.
After the kids passed out J and I watched The Martian since I fell asleep the first time we watched it in Chicago. Matt Damon was perfect and it was nice to see the parts I missed before when I was in a deep dish pizza coma.
Sunday was spent doing some much needed cleaning and laundry before heading to the pool with my gal Alissa and the boys while J got some work done for a client. 
We ordered pizza for dinner, Ben changed into his “cool kid” clothes, and after the kids went to bed I painted my nails while watching The Spy. Despite horrible reviews, I thought it was actually pretty good.
Have a great Monday!!
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