Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

This was one of those really great weekends. Although time seemed to fly by Saturday, it seemed to slowly pass on Sunday which allowed me check almost everything off my to-do list and still have some down time to sneak in several episodes of Gilmore Girls. I even got the boys’ backpacks packed for school and everything ready to go for the morning which was one of my New Years Resolutions.
Since the new season started on Netflix I decided to go back and watch them from the beginning since I’d only seen a few episodes here and there. With 7 seasons and 22 episodes each season it’s taken me a couple weeks, but I’m almost done with Season 7 which means I can start the new ones!
New Years Eve weekend we finally painted the main living areas in our house and it wasn’t until we got almost completely done we noticed the color was less greige (grey/beige) and way more mint green. Through tears, J and I agreed to repaint it and tried out a few samples before choosing our trusty Sherwin William’s Mindful Grey. We finished all but a few spots on the wall up the stairs and it feels so good to be done.
Mint green.
Mindful Grey on the right. If you saw my Instastory from yesterday, you can see the new color in the background. I’m completely obsessed and can’t wait to finally decorate my newly painted walls. 
My parents kept the boys on Saturday so we could finish painting and once we were done J and I decided last minute to go to our favorite steak place for dinner to celebrate a huge work accomplish for him. The food was amazing as usual and it was nice to get out of our paint clothes and enjoy a meal out.
Sunday morning the boys came back home and I was able to clean and get our house back in order without them destroying everything behind me which is a miracle. Anyone else love vacuum lines in their carpet. It’s weird the amount of joy they bring me. 
The boys both crashed early Sunday night and I got this post cranked out and a few others for the week before watching several a few more episodes of Gilmore Girls before heading to bed.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle this week.
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