Valentine’s Day 2012

This Valentine’s day was one of the best ones yet. We didn’t go out to a big fancy dinner or buy each other expensive gifts, and instead opted to spend time as a family celebrating what this holiday is all about, love. And cupcakes. That was Ben’s response when I asked him why we celebrate Valentine’s day. 
I tried to make the day as special as I could by doing little things here and there. That morning before work and school I “baked” a heart shaped breakfast (i.e. formed pre-made cinnamon rolls into hearts) let Ben open some goodies from his grandparents, and J and I exchanged presents.
That afternoon I went to a party at his preschool and then we came home and I whipped up a delicious steak dinner.
Although some people tend to complain about this holiday and how commercial it is, I love any occasion to celebrate LOVE and eat a cupcake:)

All ready to take to school.
I found these adorable cupcake wrappers at Target and thought they would be perfect for the cupcakes for Ben’s party.
I also tried out my new Pampered Chef icing tubes. Although the icing looked great on the cupcake, they were a pain to fill up.
My “gift” to J that I copied from Pintrest. I also got him some cable clips to hold his Iphone and Ipad charger cables.
J got me a beautiful Orchid. 
School party. 
I recreated this salad from our favorite steak house and it was spot on. So delicious. I’ll share the recipe later this week!
Bacon wrapped filets and twice baked potatoes.
We ended the evening with new Toy Story p.j.s watching a movie snuggled up on the couch. It was the perfect day.

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