Truths and Lies: The Reveal

Well, a whopping two of you responded with your guesses. Let’s see who got the most correct shall we?

1. I hate peas TRUTH
2. Until age 22, I was deathly afraid of escalators TRUTH…embarrassingly true
3. J was my first boyfriend LIE…although he likes to pretend
4. I have been to Spain TRUTH
5. On our first ultrasound, the technician originally thought Ben was a girl LIE
6. I laugh when I get really uncomfortable TRUTH…not always appropriate
7. My sister and I are 7 years apart LIE…we are 11 years apart
8. I broke my arm in first grade falling off the monkey bars LIE…I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood)
9. I was on a flight with Woody Allan TRUTH…when J and I flew to California
10. I have never swam in the ocean LIE
So, whose the winner? Drum roll please………………….
Ms. Molly over at Molly’s Musings. Congrats! Here is your award…
Now it’s your turn to pass this along!

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