Things I Know For Sure

Hey Friends! Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day. Ours was filled with family and getting in the last of our Summer activities. While I work on writing up a real blog post, here are some “Things I know for sure.”

Things I Know For Sure:

Fountain Dr. Pepper tastes way better than bottled.

It is possible to love your second child just as much as the first.
I’d rather be hot than cold.
Miley Cyrus needs some guidance. On how to dress, act, and keep her tongue in her mouth.
The first few weeks with a newborn is tough. Really really tough.
It get’s easier.
The minute we become bazillionaires I’m hiring a maid, professional hair blow dryer, and chef. In that order.
I have an amazing family.

I could eat sushi or Mexican food every day for the rest of my life.

4 year olds will outsmart you on a daily basis. Sometimes multiple times a day.
I look better with a tan. Duh.
99% of all the Ecards make me laugh.
Baby Jack has filled a void in my heart that I didn’t even know exsisted.

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