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The Mother of All Goodwills

One of the pros and cons of my job is all the travel. I drive all over the state to see clients which means I get to see places I probably never would have otherwise but some of these towns are also real boring. 
Two of my clients live on a military base and I had some time to pass in between their appointments. On my way onto the base I noticed A LOT of people going in the Goodwill. In fact, I’ve never seen a Goodwill that busy so I decided to pop in. Once I stepped foot inside I realized why this place was so popular. Not only was it the cleanest, nicest, most organized Goodwill I’ve ever seen, but almost half of the store was filled with brand new items. With tags. Still on them from Target!
I was able to score all of this for $31.00 and the majority of it is new with tags.
My favorite find were these brand new Target wedges for $3.99 I’m still in shock.
Do you thrift? What are some of the best things you’ve scored?


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