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    Creating the Ultimate Aldi Cheese Board

    It’s no surprise that I love a good hunk of cheese so a board filled with it is pretty much heaven. Cheese boards are perfect for happy hour, while you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking, or when you don’t feel like making dinner at all. 

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    Cheesy Hot Onion Dip

    I’m not going to lie. I had my doubts about an onion dip. I don’t particularly love onions, but so many people raved about similar dips that I had to give it a try. Guys, this cheesy hot onion dip is good. It’s also something different that you can to the next party or potluck and I promise, it will be demolished. 

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    3 Ingredient Greek Dip

    My friend Jaclyn made this 3 Ingredient Greek Dip for a white elephant party last Christmas and from the first bite I knew I needed to recreate it. With only 3 ingredients, it takes just a few minutes to prepare which is my kind of dish! It’s perfect if you need a list minute appetizer or just want something to snack on at home.

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    Party Preztels

    One of the best parts about going to any kind of party is the snacks. And the cocktails. But mostly the snacks.  These flavor filled Party Pretzels are super simple to make but still “homemade” and I guarantee guests won’t be able to eat just a few.

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    3 Cheese Hot Corn Dip

    Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the silence-we took a little last minute trip before school officially started today. I spent yesterday catching up on laundry, unpacking, and battling a little cold I picked up while we were gone. I’ll recap our trip later this week but until then, check out this delicious dip that’s perfect for a party or just enjoy it solo as you rejoice or cry that school has started again. What You’ll Need: -2 11oz cans of Mexican -2 cups Monterey Jack cheese -2/3c grated Parmesan cheese -4 oz cream cheese (softened) -1 cup mayonnaise -1 tsp garlic powder -cooking spray -corn chips or tortilla chips for dipping…