Owl See You Soon Baby {An Owl Themed Baby Shower}

Yesterday I hosted an adorable owl themed baby shower for my friend Mrs. Bojangles and her sweet hubby.

When I first started planning the shower I knew I didn’t want to do a traditional blue, balloon and bears shower since that’s not my kinda thing or hers. So I let this little guy be my inspiration and went from there.
They couple chose not to share the name until after he was born which fit into the themed perfectly.
Lot’s of delicious food including 2 different kinds of chili and a toppings bar.
All the guests enjoyed a competitive game of match the celebrity baby to their parents. Any guesses as to who Zuma Nest Rock’s parent’s are?
 And take a look at these little cuties
Grandparents to be. 
Another great game, especially for co-ed showers is baby bottle chugging. We were all DYING laughing. And there are so many comments that can be made about sucking faster. 
I can’t wait to meet this sweet little baby boy. Only 8 weeks and counting!

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