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Our New Home {Master Bedroom Closet Reveal}

Believe it or not I actually have a “room” reveal for you all today. That is if you count the master bedroom closet as a “room reveal.” Gotta start somewhere right?
When we first moved into the house the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet were, if we’re being honest, a poop brown color. I knew I wanted gray in all the areas and I knew it would need to get painted before we even moved in or else painting would get added to the never ending to-do list and never get done.
I wanted Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams in other rooms in the house (after seeing it in a builder home we looked at buying), but wanted something slightly darker for the master areas and ultimately went with Dorian Gray. We had painters paint the master areas because of all the details and cutting in and it was well worth the money.
The Before:
The Afters:
J’s side. Standing in the Master Bath looking right into our closet.
Looking left into our closet across from J’s side. Extra hangers, dirty clothes hampers, and all my dresses. Towels normally go on the shelf but as you can see I really needed to do laundry. I wish the painters had painted the reinforcing boards as well and we may go back through at some point and paint them gray as well. May.

Looking straight into our closet. My built ins and clothes to the right. Keep reading for how I made my chalkboard labels.
Click here to read about how I keep my boots standing up tall and not flopping over.

I keep my necklaces on that necklace tree, bracelets/watches on the circular tray, and then stud type earrings in the blue dish I picked up at West Elm. All my other earrings are stored in a hanging jewelry holder with pockets which you can see in the last pic on the far right.
Booties, weekend bags, and purses are on the second shelf but covered up by the hanging clothes.
We used to have a dresser in our master closet in our old house, but with the awesome built ins in this house we didn’t really need it. I bought all of my bins from Target and I use them to store things that would normally go in a dresser such as socks, bras, underwear, etc. Jeans/shorts are just stacked directly on the shelf.
I also bought several packages of these chalkboard labels from the Target dollar spot and used a chalk pen to write the labels for each bin. I wrote all mine in lowercase to keep a cohesive look and yes, I had to look up how to spell lingerie.
And there you have it! To see more before pictures of our whole house, don’t forget to check out this post.

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