5 on Friday

Oh Hey Friday!

Linking up with Karli and Amy for another Oh Hey Friday! 
Tomorrow happens to be my husband’s birthday so I’m dedicating today’s post to the 5 things I love most about J!
He’s the daddy to these two little nuggets and he would do anything for them. 
He saw Wicked on Broadway in New York City. And he hates musicals.
He’s a great provider for our family. Owning his own business isn’t easy and he does a lot to support our family. 
He was so supportive throughout my grad school and even put his graduate classes on hold so I could finish my Masters degree. Did I mention we also had a one year old and were in the middle of the recession?
He’s one the biggest hypochondriacs I’ve ever met. You name the disease, he thinks he has it. While annoying, this also provides me with countless hours of laughter. 
Happy 33rd birthday J! We love you so much!


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