5 on Friday

Oh Hey Friday!

You all don’t even know how excited I am that Amy over at The Farmer’s Wife and Karli at September Farm have decided to take matters into their own hands and host their own Friday Link-Up since 5 on Friday is on hold for the Summer. 

I have yet to recap our vacation to Alabama. I want to, I really do. I think part of me is avoiding it because I know that I’ll get all sad and mopey just looking at the pictures and recapping all the fun we had.

Bravo has sucked me in yet again with Ladies of London. It’s pretty much the Real Housewives set in London, but kudos to Bravo for spinning a new name. Marissa is my favorite for those of you that watch. She just seems so sweet and she is so cute!
J and I saw the new Transformer movie last weekend and I have to admit that I miss Shia. While I’m normally a fan of Mark Whalberg, he just wasn’t that convincing as the dad in this movie. Stanley Tucci was amazing as usual. Plan accordingly if you go see it since it’s 3 HOURS LONG.
The other night J and I decided that we both really want to buy our dream home. Like soon. I like our house now, but I’m ready to buy something I LOVE and that we can grow in. And by grow into I mean grow old in, not grow as in have more babies:) I’ve had this image pinned forever and I love everything about this house especially the big front porch.
I’m getting pretty good at assembling these things. I’ve always pictured myself having girls and doing their hair, but now I can’t imagine it any other way. Ben’s grandma lovingly bought these for him, but forgot that a 5 year old wouldn’t have the patience to assemble it. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We have a mud run on Saturday and then I hope to tackle some home organization projects.
Happy Friday!


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