Mini Apple Pie Fritters

There’s something so Summer about apple pies and these little mini apple pie fritters are the perfect little individual treat.

What You’ll Need:
-2 cups diced Granny Smith apples peeled and diced (I ended up using 4 apples and leftovers)
-1/4 c sugar
-1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 
-1 pkg Pillsbury pie crust with 2 crusts
1. Place peeled and diced apples in a pot with cinnamon and sugar on low-medium and cover with a lid. Cook until apples are softened and can be mashed with a fork. Mine took about 20 minutes.
2. While the apples are cooking, unroll dough and use a circle cutter or glass to cut 3 inch circles. Make sure to flour your surface so the dough doesn’t stick. 
3. Once apples are softened, mash with a fork and remove from heat.
4. Place a tablespoon of filling into the middle of a circle. Dip your finger in water and wet the outside of the dough before folding it over and using a fork to press down the edges. *The picture of my hand is for size reference.
5. Place enough oil in a pan to cover the bottom and then add your mini pies. Do a few at a time to make sure you don’t over-crowd your pan. Cook on medium-high until pies are golden brown. Mine took about 2 minutes on each side. Once golden brown, place on a paper towel lined plate and then top with powdered sugar.

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