Memorial Day Weekend 2011

This Memorial Day weekend turned out to be a lot different than last years. You can read about last year’s fun here & here.
The weekend got started off with a trip to the ER on Friday night. Without going into too much detail Ben had a lot of swelling in his umm, boy region. Poor thing kept saying my pee-pee hurts, my pee-pee hurts. 5 hours later we were sent home with lots of meds and no real reason for the swelling. 
Saturday morning we woke up to find Ben’s hands, feet, and face were all swollen too. Poor little guy could barely see out of his eyes. At this point the E.R. nurses were becoming fast friends. We left again without an explanation and even more medicine. By the afternoon the swelling had gone down and Ben was back to his normal self.
Sunday we helped my sister unpack lots of boxes and by help I mean I unpacked boxes while Ben played with the dog.
Sunday night a group of friends got together at my parent’s house for a little engagement party luau which will get it’s own post. 
A trip to the airshow was planned for Monday, but after learning the air show actually ended Sunday(whoops) and finding out that the medicine Ben is on does not allow him to be in direct sunlight, we ran some errands and just hung out around home.
Hopefully next year’s Memorial day weekend will involve planes, the pool, and zero trips to the hospital.

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  • Megan

    Yeah, be careful with those meds and sunlight. I was on one once and was very very itchy from sitting outside even in the shade! Hope he's still feeling better, poor Ben!

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