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4AM On A Monday

I keep telling myself this considering…
4:00am J woke up at four in the morning with a horrible stomach ache and after scouring the house for the Pepto Bismol I was sure we had I asked him if he would like me to run to the store and get some. He said no and crawled back into bed.
4:30am I hear Ben calling for me and go in to find he had peed the bed. I change him and the sheets and I manage to lay down for half an hour before the alarm goes off for gym.
5:15am Get my workout on. 
6:30am I open the door and hear J ask me to run to the store to get Pepto. Back out I go.
6:50am I’m back home and find Ben awake and J waiting for the meds.
7:00am I shower, get myself and Ben dressed, manage to wolf down a bowl of shredded wheats and off we go.
All that and I still made it to work on time to present on a client during our Monday morning meeting.
 Is 8:15pm too early to go to bed?

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