How a Caterpillar (Almost) Ruined 1st Grade

Yesterday I posted this picture and how a caterpillar just like this one almost ruined 1st grade. Here’s what went down…
Picture me in first grade, missing my bottom tooth, wearing awesome spandex shorts, and white Keds. It was recess and all of first grade was outside playing when I spotted a caterpillar about to get squished by some wild boys running around. 
Being the kind little kid I was, I picked it up, held it for a few minutes (no doubt admiring it’s furriness) and sat it in the grass…or so I thought.
Well I guess the bug didn’t want to leave so instead of going in the grass, the caterpillar somehow ended up stuck on the back side of my shorts. Do you see where this is going? My sweet little first grade self went to sit down and ended up squishing the bug all over my butt. And that cute furriness, it turned into a huge itchy mess. On my ass.
I had to walk to the office with bug all over my butt and call my mom who had to bring me a change of clothes. Did I mention I was also hysterically crying the whole time? And that is how a caterpillar almost ruined 1st grade.  

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