Hey, It’s Okay…

-That this is only my second post this week. And tomorrow is Monday.
-That I’m not really into the Olympics. I like the idea of and I’m excited for the athletes and their hard work, but I have no real desire to watch any of it. 
-That no matter how much we get done on the house each weekend, it seems like it will never end.
-To only eat the watermelon closest to the rhine. Mushy watermelon makes me gag.
-To think 90 degrees feels cool when it’s been 105 degrees for 2 weeks straight.
-To find it slightly annoying when I get to the end of a page on Pinterest and there are no more new pins. Um hellloooo, how am I supposed to know what to make for dinner?
-That I’ve been wearing Christmas pajama pants because all my other ones are in the dirty clothes. 
-To find this text exchange so funny.

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