Fall Activities

Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival

Nothing gets me more in the mood for Fall than almost 90 degree whether. Not. Even though it was MUCH warmer than I would have liked, we had a blast at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival.
Hartsburg is a small town not too far from us with a population of 108 people. In the entire town. It’s no wonder that traffic during the festival can be horrific as up to 30,000 people flock to the town to enjoy the festivities. J ended up having to get some work done Sunday so my mom offered to go with Ben and I since she had never been before. Like most festivals, there were pumpkins and corn mazes, but what makes this festival special is the hundreds of booths filled with all kinds of crafts and food. Of course, you can’t go and not try out all the deliciousness.
My mom had one of these bad boys. We also had homemade cherry limeades which I forgot to take a picture of and Ben and I shared one of these. 
No, it’s not just the angle of the picture, this really was the size of Ben’s head.
We also shared these homemade potato chips, which Ben obviously hated.
And no judging the amount of food we consumed. All of this was throughout the day and we did a lot of walking. Whatever. 
Things we did not try this year, but will certainly be trying in the years to come: Kettle Corn, homemade candy, pumpkin fudge, caramel apples, funnel cake, bbq sandwich, and 3 different kinds of homemade soups and chili.
Although it might not seem like it, we did actually manage to do other things besides eat. Ben rode his first pony whose name was Bert and he absolutely loved it! Of course what does he remember about the experience, “the horse pooped.” Yep, the horse in front of us seemed to have no shame about letting it go and Ben felt the need to remind me the rest of the day about what had happened. 
I tried to catch a few cute pictures of Ben on the haystack with the pumpkins.
Unfortunately I wanted until we were getting ready to leave and Ben was exhausted and cranky. Poor grandma…
One of the things I love most about going to the pumpkin festival each year is that it becomes our very own family tradition. I like the idea that we will be able to look back over the years and see how things changed and how much Ben has changed and grown.

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