Halloween 2011

Oh Halloween. There’s not many things more adorable than kids dressed up in little costumes saying tick or treat. Our Halloween activities started last weekend at my sister’s house where the kids painted pumpkins while they watched my brother in law carve one.
Love his little tongue.
Over the weekend I also whipped up a bunch of Halloween treats for work, Ben’s school, and to take to my parent’s house on Halloween night.
All of these recipes and ideas came from Pinterest.

Mine didn’t look as great as the ones on Pinterest probably because I was in a rush and didn’t chill the dough which is what caused the ears to not hold their form.
Halloween day finally rolled around and Ben had a little party at his preschool. I present to you our little Kangaroo, complete with a Joey and all. This was the first year Ben picked out his costume all by himself and it’s so adorable.
Ben’s school also had a parade and he got to meet up with his cousin who goes to the same school but is in a different class. 
His best friend. 
After all the kids were in their costumes, the parade began before heading back inside for a few treats.
After the party, we made a quick stop by this girl’s house so Ben could fill his bucket up with his first piece of candy…and he also really wanted to play with Brooke’s cats. Ever since we cat sat one weekend he’s been obsessed and asking when he can do it again.
After Brooke’s we headed over to my parent’s house where we ate pizza and waited for it to get dark. 
My sister and her family. 
We even ran into Santa.
This was the first year we went all the way around my parent’s neighborhood (in the past we’ve just gone to a few houses) The kids got a lot of candy and had fun trading each other for the stuff they liked. 
Each year gets more fun as Ben gets older and it’s nice to have my sister and her family back in town to trick or treat with.
What did you all do for Halloween? Did you dress up?


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