5 on Friday

Friday, Friday

I had grand plans for posts this week but then a sinus and double ear infections happened. I’m finally starting to feel better (fingers crossed) and let’s hope we don’t get any more germs this winter. If you want to see what death looks like, check out my Instagram from when I was sick. Keeping it real you guys. As usual, I’m linking up with ChristinaKarli, & Amanda for this week’s five.
It’s Inauguration day and I’m really hoping no one loses their shit and goes crazy. So many emotions come up every time I turn the news on that I have to turn it off. I pray and hope that our new president will make the right decisions and that Betsy DeVos does not confirmed. If for nothing else, children with disabilities deserve more. Way, way more. 
On a lighter note, I took the kids swimming on MLK day at our local rec center and they had a blast. They have a lazy river which Ben loved, but I thought it needed a swim up bar for all the mommas 🙂  
I need to post the recipe for these cookies and cream brownie bars I made because they are addicting. With devils food, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate chips you can’t go wrong.
Everyone needs a friend like this.

I finally finished all the Gilmore Girls and holy ending. How can they just leave me hanging like that? And I want Alexis Bledel’s hair. Cut, color, the whole thing.
It’s supposed to be in the 60’s on Saturday and I’m planning on opening the windows, giving everything a good Lysol, and letting the kids run wild outside. What are your weekend plans?

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