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Friday, Friday

Two weeks until Christmas and less than 1 week until we leave for DISNEY WOLRD!!! As excited as I am, we have a lot to get done this weekend including making sure every.last.gift. is bought and wrapped, getting outfits ready for Santa, Disney, and Christmas day, visiting the big man in red, and decorating our gingerbread houses. Not to mention tonight is my work Christmas Party so hopefully it won’t be too much fun and I’ll be able to drag myself out of bed in the morning. Speaking of the party, it leads me right into my 5 for this week so let’s get started.

My work’s Christmas party is today at a local restaurant and we’re having an ugly sweater contest. Good thing I’m not competitive. I didn’t find anything I loved at Goodwill, but I did find this classic jean shirt embroidered with Christmas goodies and then added a few little extra specials to it including fuzzy button covers and a silver jingle bell bow that I also added to a head band to create a coordinating look. The fuzzy earrings are just puff balls hot glued onto some cheap F21 earrings I don’t wear anymore.

Is anyone else sick of the sponsored posts and affiliate links on certain blogs? I don’t mind the occasional one or links to things people are actually wearing or would buy, but I’m thisclose to unfollowing some blogs I used to love because it’s just too much. I you have more sponsored/linked posts than ones with actual context, there’s a problem. Anyone else feel this way?

I got our Christmas cards addressed and sent out in the mail earlier this week and now I’m just waiting by the mailbox like a kid on Christmas day for all of our friends and families cards to come. I went with Shutterfly this year for both the cards and return address labels using a black friday code I had.

Our Christmas card picture was hard to choose after we got back the boys’ pictures we had taken a few weeks ago. I’ll share more of them in a separate post, but here are some of my favorites.

Lisa over at Lisa Loves John posted this delicious croissant sandwich recipe that I’m going to try out this weekend. I’m always looking for quick and easy lunch ideas for the weekend and this looks like it fits the bill.

And in case you missed it, I posted about our Thanksgiving recap here. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  • Karli | Sept. Farm

    gah! don't hate me for my sponsored posts! i swear i'm just trying to make money. 🙂 no seriously…i'm trying to make mula! since i don't work i wanted to pay for my farmer's christmas present with my blog money. but you're right…sometimes it definitely gets excessive. your boys – they are soooo cute. what great pictures! happy friday!

  • Jenn

    I get annoyed by all of the sponsored posts, too. Sometimes I link to certain things, but it's only because I really like those items…no one is paying me (although that would be awesome haha). I feel like some of the sponsored posts, I dont trust people to be honest, because they're getting something out of it.

  • BLovedBoston

    Congrats on getting your cards out – that's a really great feeling! I had two "sponsored" posts this week, but it fell that way that I had to post them… I usually try to keep it to one a month – so sorry if I was one of those people you were talking about!! But they were two things that I have purchased on my own before it became a sponsored post so it wasn't fake ahah xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

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