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Hello friends and happy Friday. Anyone else trying not to eat all the girl scout cookies you bought? (raises hand). And do yourself a favor and never look at the nutritional info. Despite what the box says, 2 Caramel Delites is not enough. Anyway, I’m linking up with ChristinaKarli, & Amanda to bring you this week’s 5.
If you missed it yesterday, don’t forget to check out my Playroom Reveal post. I love how the room turned out even though it hasn’t been that clean since.
The weather in the midwest has been crazy lately and we’ve had almost two weeks of 70 degrees. I’ve gotten so spoiled with the nice weather that when I walked outside today, I couldn’t believe how cold it had gotten. It was 54. I’m going to die when it drops back into the 30’s. You know what else is literally going to die, all the plants and trees that have also been confused by the weather.
My husband and I went out last Saturday night for a late Valentine’s day dinner. I posted on my Instastory that my husband was taking forever in our bathroom which is also where our master closet is which meant I couldn’t finish getting ready. So here’s proof that I eventually got ready and wore clothes to dinner.
Fresh fruit at the grocery store makes me so excited for spring and summer. And to not spend $5 for a container of strawberries. These beauties were only a $1.88
Anyone remember Spirographs? I played with them as a child and apparently they don’t go out of style. The boys got this kit from their Gigi for Christmas and while Jack just traced around them, Ben was able to make some pretty cool art. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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