An Easter Miracle

Besides His miracle, we had our own little Easter miracle this year. Ben sat through the entire Easter service in church. It probably helped that it wasn’t a typical sermon and consisted entirely of music from the choir.
After church we ate a delicious lunch at my parent’s house and Ben took part in his first egg hunt of the day after immediately changing into comfy pants the minute church was over. That’s my boy.
We also decorated eggs. And by decorated I mean I tried to avoid getting splashed with dye. 
Every year I tell myself I will get creative in decorating the eggs. And every year my creativity seems to peak at writing our names. 
Even Ben’s face seems to be saying, “My mom’s egg decorating skills are lame.”
And in true holiday fashion, we headed over to J’s aunt’s house for Easter with his side of the family.
Looking at all the Easter basket goodies you would have thought it was Christmas.
Of all the Easter goodies, of course the 98 cent bubbles were the favorites of all the kids.
And unfortunately for Grandpa who was trying to rest, Ben also loved the drums.
Hope you all had a happy Easter!

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