Cavemen + Woman

We didn’t take a big family vacation this Summer and instead vowed to see what our great state had to offer. When a local state park was offering cave tours we jumped at the chance to go on a mini adventure close to home.
I honestly had no idea this park had a waterfall. Even if it is really really tiny.
Listening intently to the rules of caving.
The cave was pitch black inside and at one point we were all asked to turn our flashlights off to see just how dark it gets. Let’s just say I held onto the boys extra tight during those 5 seconds.
Besides a tour of the cave, the kids also got to see some wildlife and do a little stream exploring.
I had a few people ask me how Jack did in the cave since he’s only 3. He was a little hesitant at first especially having to walk through the cold water which went up to his mid-calf, but after the initial shock of the cold he loved it. The rocks were pretty slippery and I made sure both boys had non-slip closed toed shoes. I held his hand the entire time while walking through the cave which wasn’t more than a 1/2 mile total. If the cave had been bigger or the water deeper I probably wouldn’t have let him go. Use your judgment and also get the advice from the park staff. 

I will say that I was slightly annoyed that I had to wear a helmet but after banging my head several times on the low lying rocks I was sure glad I had one on 🙂 

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