Books {You’ll Actually Want} To Read This Summer

Like most people I definitely go through phases where I will read a lot and then not pick up another book until a year later. No, just me? This Summer has proven to be one of those times where I can’t get enough of reading. One night I sat on the couch trying to read the last few pages of my book while the kids stripped naked, ate a brownie, and ran like maniacs around the house. So there’s your warning.
I don’t like to read lengthy reviews of books so here’s a quick recap plus my ever sophisticated rating of the books I’ve read recently. 
Girl on the Train I might be the last person to jump on this bandwagon but I’m so glad I did. There’s a missing woman, alcoholism, and obviously a girl on the train. A suspenseful what happened and who did it all the way up until the end 4.5/5
Walking on Water Not even sure how this book got onto my book shelf, but it’s actually the last book in a series which I didn’t discover until I looked up the author after reading it. You don’t need to have read the previous books to understand the plot of this one although it may help tie together the story of man walking across the country after he’s lost everything in his life. Good, easy ready. 3/5

Cleaning House I picked this one up for a work project but found I was able to relate the information to my own children. In a culture where kids and even young adults expect their parents to do everything, this book teaches the reader how to promote independence in children of all ages and teach those sometimes forgotten skills such as hosting guests and even how to use a plunger. 4/5

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up This book will be getting a post of it’s own because SO many people have read it and I have lots of thoughts to share. Although there are some recommendations I’d just never do (talking outloud to my house), there were some great take away points and who doesn’t need a little organization in their life? 4/5

The Widow One of my favorite books, this isn’t a lighthearted read. Written between past and present and from multiple character’s views, this book tells the story of a lost little girl, the sick world of a pedophile, a cop who can’t let go, and a widow trying to make sense of it all. 5/5

What Alice Forgot This may be my favorite book of all time. 29 year old Alice wakes up after hitting her head during a spinning class at the gym to discover that she’s actually a whole decade older, getting divorced, and as she’ll soon discover a pretty miserable person. While waiting for her memory to recover, she tries to piece together the last 10 years and how she got to this place in her life. 5/5 
What books have you read? What should I read next?

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