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    20 Questions with Ben

    My first “baby” turns 7 on Friday. Seven! And while 7 is old (compared to the once little bitty baby) I find myself having to remind myself that he’s only 7. He’s smart, funny, and says things that are wise beyond his years and that sometimes leads me to have slightly unrealistic expectations for the guy. And like every momma at some point or another…or often, you think, Am I screwing my kid up? This questionnaire has been floating all over blogland and Facebook and honestly I was a little hesitant and nervous to hear what Ben might say. But just when you think you’re doing it all wrong, your kid will surprise you…and make you…

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    Halloween PJ Link-Up

    It’s time for my one of my favorite linkups of the year. Can’t wait to see everyones sweet kids in their cute and festive pjs. The normal pics… And the silly ones… (yes, Jack’s big toenails are painted orange. he wanted his nails painted too when I did his cousins a couple weeks ago and refuses to let me take it off #yolo) //Jack’s pjs Carters similar here// //Ben’s pjs Crazy 8 no longer available // Linking up with Natasha, Ashley P, Fancy Ashley, & Darcy.

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    Jack’s 2nd Birthday

    I’m back tracking a little bit, but I don’t want to forget to document this important life moment. Jack turned two on June 21st and we threw an Olaf themed bash. He’s still obsessed btw and I think that just may have to be his Halloween costume. I ordered the invitations on ETSY from Once Upon Adorable and I love how they turned out. Our new neighborhood has a fantastic clubhouse and pool but since we just moved into our new neighborhood, we decided to have the party at our house so family could see the new abode. The move also meant that I kept the food and decorations simple and ordered…

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    A Very “Avenger” 6th Birthday

    Ben’s birthday fell on a Thursday this year so we celebrated by eating lunch with him at school and cupcakes for his class. That night he got to pick where he wanted to eat and he had a tough time choosing between his favorite pizza place and Olive Garden, but the OG won out in the end. After dinner he opened his presents from us. He was so excited about the Lego mini figures and could care less about his new bike and helmet. I mean, look at this face. He reluctantly shared his new Legos with his brother. It lasted about 30 seconds. Due to poor planning on my…