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    Happy 8th Birthday!

    If you saw my post yesterday you know Ben turned 8 on Sunday. It’s becoming harder and harder to remember him as this sweet little baby and not a handsome young man with thoughts, feelings, and opinions of his own. I know it seems weird, but I’ve really seen the most growth this year in the past month. He’s becoming more mature, taking on more responsibility, and every once in awhile he will say something so profound and compassionate that I  know were doing at least something right with this whole parenting thing.  Ben loves his little brother so much and although they can fight like brothers, they also have…

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    Weekend Recap {8th Birthday Edition}

    Guys, I officially have an 8 year old. And I look way too young for it 🙂 Ben turned 8 yesterday and we celebrated all day long, but before I get too carried away, let’s back up a bit. Thursday night we wen’t to the women’s basketball game and while Ben enjoyed it, Jack was more focused on his Dip n Dots. Can’t say I blame him.  I posted this on my Instagram, but Friday at work we filmed a video for one of our programs and I also got to do the voice over for it. Now all I need is an animated movie.  Friday night was super low key…

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    1st day of 2nd Grade

    Yesterday marked the first day back to school. While both Ben and I are excited for 2nd grade my heart also aches just a little at how fast he is growing up. 2nd grade was my favorite and I just loved my teacher so I’m hoping the same is true for Ben. We’ve talked a lot lately about being a leader and that is my hope for him this upcoming year. To use his humor, heart, and smarts to be an example to those around him and to encourage everyone he meets. Here’s to a great year!

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    A 7th Birthday Painting Party

    Saturday was the last of the celebrations for our new seven year old. As Ben’s gotten older I’ve realized the amazingness of out of the house parties. The kids get to do a fun activity and I don’t have to spend hours prepping or cleaning up. Win! Ben’s really into art so we decided to try out a canvas painting place in our town. These types of places are pretty popular right now and considering they provide everything and clean up, it was well worth the cost. The kids painted The Flash symbol, and ate pizza and cake before Ben tore threw the presents.

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    Happy 7th Birthday!

    Today’s a two post kind of day because our first, littlest “baby” turns 7 today. Technically at 11:49pm, but let’s face it, I’ll probably be asleep. Ben has grown SO SO much this past year. He’s reading, full on swimming, and riding his bike without training wheels. He lost his two front teeth and one bottom one and started the 1st grade at a new school where he’s doing better than ever. We’re still working on listening, calming down, and keeping the attitude in check, but I can see him growing and becoming more mature right in front of my eyes. He is the BEST big brother and Jack continues…