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15 Facts

1. I like fountain soda better than soda out of a bottle.
2. My fingernail polish remover manages to spill all over my nail polish case at least once a month.
3. J and I act so weird sometimes that it reaffirms that fact that we are meant to be together. Who else could accept our weirdness?
4. After being pregnant with Ben I have the worst time sleeping in a bed and my back is killing me. Most nights I always end up on the couch.
5. My sister and I are 11 years apart, yet we have children six months apart.
6. Working with children with autism is the most exhausting yet most rewarding job ever.
7. I want a baby girl. So does J. We shall see…
8. I see my parents at least once a week.
9. Each year the University I work for sends out a remembrance email with names of students and faculty that have passed away in the past year. I have to look up each one and see how they died.
10. Movies that I will always stop and watch when they are on tv: Pretty Woman, Sister Act 2, and Titanic.
11. I love hosting parties. One day I would love to be a party planner.
12. Some days I have guilt about not being a stay at home.
13. I am so grateful that  I got to be a stay at home mom for a little while.
14. I will never be one of those people who can eat whatever they want and not work out.
15. I think money spent on gas and groceries it the biggest waste ever. However, I don’t mind spending money on food at a great restaurant.

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  • Molly D

    Ah ha, the tag! I too looked up the way each person died at the University this year.. I couldn't find one of them and I still think about him…we're so morbid and weird.

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