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    My First Half Marathon

    Finally… the recap from my first half marathon! On October 23rd, I ran my first 1/2 marathon in St. Louis, MO. The most important thing? I survived. While my time was anything but stellar, (3:28) I finished. All the training, running, getting up early, it was all worth it. Something about running with 20,000 other people is just so exciting. The run started downtown facing the Arch. The race began in waves, and you were lumped in corrals with other runners based on your estimated finishing time. It was still dark out when it was time to line up at 6:30am. I started off at a good pace and finished…

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    I survived 13.1

    I did you guys. I completed my first 1/2 marathon. I’ll do a full recap once I get all the pictures uploaded, but I made it. And here is the teeny tiny picture proof. Without my medal. Because they ran out. WTF. It should be mailed out soon but dang, I WANTED THAT MEDAL!!! Thank you to everyone who supported me not only on that day but throughout my training. I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement:)

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    Training for a Half Marathon

    If you’ve been reading lately then you know I have 19 days until the St. Louis Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Oh man. To help with the training process I traded in my sad old shoes for these new boys. This is my first pair of Asics, but I’ve heard great reviews about them from other runners.  They, whoever they are, say that you should get a new pair of running shoes every 400 miles and considering I’ve had my tennis shoes since high school and have been everywhere in them from New York to the UK, I think I’ve hit well over the 400 mile mark. I mean, look…

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    It’s Monday + An Announcement

    Oh Monday, we meet again. I am trying to approach the day like this Instead of this And I have some exciting news! I’m going to be running my first 1/2 marathon. Today was my first official day of training and I took my mile baseline, which I may or may not share later:) I’ll be following a strict training program in an effort to get me ready for this beast on Sunday October 23rd. It’s no secret that I don’t love running and the last time I trained for one of these bad boys J and I came down with the worst flu and my parents had to convince…