• 5 on Friday

    Friday Funnies

    I was going to link up with the girls for 5 on Friday, but all my pictures are on my phone and camera and I’m feeling too lazy to upload them all right now. Instead, here’s my favorite funnies from around the web.  The best white elephant gift. A autographed picture of yourself.  Happy Weekend!

  • Kids

    From the Mouth of a 3 Year Old

    “What the heck?” “You’re killing me mom.” “I want to fly.” “I want to lay on the clouds.”  To daddy: “Mommy had a good day. She didn’t bite anybody.” In reponse to me telling him it’s bed time: “No you mean old lady.” While watching Peter Pan: “Daddy, I want you to put me in there.” “Put me in the t.v” “Mommy I’m sorry. You’re pretty.”

  • Life

    Marry, Makeout, Muzzle

    Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum did this fun little game last week and being that I don’t want to turn down an opportunity to talk about hot guys, here’s mine. Marry: Bill Rancic Does he not seem like the nicest guy? It also doesn’t hurt that he’s hardworking, funny, and good on the eyes. Giuliana and him are so cute and I am so happy for them to finally be having a baby!!! Makeout: Ryan Reynolds Need I say more? Although it was a tough pick between the two Ryans. Muzzle: Joe Guidice Everything about this guy is just ughhhh. He’s rude, cocky, and not the brightest bulb in the bunch. The way he…