• 5 Pieces to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe
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    5 Pieces to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

    In the past week we’ve had a high of 82 degrees and a low of 33. In addition to wreaking havoc on everyone’s allergies, the giant temperature flucuations makes getting dressed a challenge. In hopes of consistent (and warmer) weather, I’m refreshing my spring wardrobe and adding a couple of new things to get me to summer.

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    Fall Staples

    I found this cute clothing checklist, but of course I can’t remember where. This is such a great idea for anyone looking for classics or to build their wardrobe. I have a lot of these essentials but still need a few things like a trench coat, straw hat, and a colorful skinny belt. I also don’t have a black bikini or cotton mini, but let’s face it, 3 months after having a baby is not the time to be adding these to my closet. What do you need to complete your classic essentials?

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    I’m about to say write something that just might get me beat up in the blog world… I’m not a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer. And by not a huge fan I mean I hate almost all of her stuff. There I said it. And I feel much better. I know a lot of bloggers gush over the fabulousness that is Lilly, but to me some of her stuff is just so dang ugly. If you happen to love it then go for it. I’m sure half the crap I wear people think is ugly. To each their own. So imagine my surprise when I saw these outfits by none…