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    Disney Trip Review {Epcot & Heading Home}

    We spent our final full day at Epcot and of all the parks we went to, this one was my least favorite. Next time we go to Disney World we’ll skip Epcot and try out Animal Kingdom. If you’ve never been to Epcot it’s divided up into different countries which make up the World Showcase. Overall Epcot was a lot of walking and not a whole lot of rides.  Before heading to the park we enjoyed some Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast and Ben took a little dip in the pool while we waited for J to finish getting ready. When we walked in the gates we immediately spotted the…

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    Disney World Review {Magic Kingdom}

    Magic Kingdom was by far my favorite of the 3 parks we went to. The fall decorations were out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We made our way to main street and before our eyes there it was. Cinderella’s Castle. We also happened to arrive just in time for the Celebrate It parade. When the parade was over we made our way to Tomorrowland for the Carousel of Progress. This isn’t so much of a ride as a moving theater that shows the progress of one family across different times in history. Both J and I remember this from when we were little. After the little history…

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    Disney World {Chef Mickey’s Trip Review}

    For those of you looking to do a character meal I highly recommend Chef Mickey’s. It’s located in the Contemporary Hotel right off the Monorail. To avoid a long wait you’ll want to make a reservation and make it early as they book up fast.  We arrived at the restaurant a little early so we played some games at the hotel arcade and then took a  quick ride on the monorail. The monorail is free to ride and connects several of the hotels and theme parks. To make a complete circle on the monorail takes about 20 minutes. Since Chef Mickey’s is a character meal it’s going to be more…

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    Disney World {Getting There and Hollywood Studios}

    I am just now getting around to blogging about our trip to Disney World which was 6 months ago. I’ve been putting this off because it seems like a daunting task but I want to remember every detail from this trip because as cliche as it sounds, it truly was magical. Buckle in, this is a long post. We were in Disney for 5 days from November 1st to November 5th. I was a little worried about how Ben would do on the plane ride, but the excitment of it and the activities I packed kept him pretty occupied. We had a direct flight and our plane left in the…

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    Wondering where I’ve been? Well here’s a little hint… We had so much fun at Disney and it was magical to see Ben experience it for the first time.  I’ll be back to update more about our trip soon!