• Books

    Must Read Books for Summer 2020

    Let’s just pretend that we’ll all be able to read these books while relaxing by the pool and getting a nice tan. Summer reading just isn’t as fun while stuck in your house during a pandemic.

  • Life

    What I’m Learning

    My Thoughts I was going to start this post with, “this past week has been___” but I don’t have the words to adequately describe it. Black, people of color, black lives matter, George Floyd, police, protests, murder, riots, neck, and knee have been spoken in my home and on my social media feeds more than I can count. I’ve felt every feeling and cried happy and horrified tears. Some people will say this isn’t about me. Others will say it’s about all of us.

  • Life

    4 Things I’ll Continue After Quarantine

    Although I’m still working from home and summer school has officially been cancelled, other parts of our country (and city) are starting to open back up which means quarantine will be coming to an end. At least for now.

  • Recipes

    Garlic Wok’d Edamame with Sweet Chili Sauce

    There’s a restaurant in our town that has the best garlic wok’d edamame. It’s one of those dishes that you automatically order and everyone loves once they try it. Lucky for me, my friend Jaclyn found a similar recipe and with a few tweaks, it tastes almost like our favorite dish.

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    2020 Book Club Picks

    Every time I post about our book club on Instagram I get two types of messages: Your book club looks like so much fun! & What books are you reading?